Our work in the words of others:


“The Retreat Summary is a great document to share with our Board at our upcoming Board meeting, for both those who were unable to attend as well as able to attend. 

Looking through the stakeholder profiles again ….. it’s cementing even more why we did this exercise … from being able to tell a succinct story, identify the challenge, be clear in our ask, and know the outcome we’re marching toward.  Thanks for the major gift deck too; this will be part of our board fundraising materials going forward.

Thank you again for being a terrific facilitator for us on Saturday, and to further support the branch with a personal gift!! I really enjoyed our time together and learned a lot; I know others in the room did as well.”

Sarah Zurbuchen | President – Board of Directors, CMHA Vancouver-Fraser

“Amy is a masterful story warrior, bridge builder, people connector, and advancement activator and architect. I’ve witnessed her brilliance, her integrity, her courage, and her commitment to collective capacity and impact. Amy’s strategic, inclusive, integrated, values driven approach to stewarding relationships, stories, support, and successes is not only effective, its magic.”

Teara Fraser | CEO, Raven Institute

“I came into Amy’s session on Implicit Bias and Managing for Diversity already working actively to achieve diversity and inclusion. In fact, it can sometimes be more difficult for progressive organizations to truly reflect on the possibility that gaps exist in managing for diversity. The distilled, evidence based, practical focus of Amy’s presentation equipped me with tools to transform my values and principles of diversity into the practice of inclusion.”

Celina Caesar-Chavannes | EMBA, MBA,  Member of Parliament for Whitby

“I walked into Amy Robichaud’s “Managing for Diversity” workshop thinking that I already knew a lot about diversity. I came out with a new found understanding and appreciation of the subject matter and importance.  Amy’s workshop provides real, tactical, sound tools to understand that diversity is essential to any organization. Not only that, but Amy provided an execution plan to implement and improve our organization to make a real impact our diversity and inclusion for our staff and volunteers.”

       Michael Haack |(Former) Director of Operations, BC – Liberal Party of Canada

“Amy Robichaud has been a great help in moving forward the McLeese Debate’s vision to increase availability of debate to high school students in Canada through her participation on the McLeese Advisory Committee. Her experience in debate, her excellence in fund raising and approach to potential supporters has been invaluable. We especially liked her appreciation for diversity and inclusion and she was invaluable in assisting us develop a strategy around building a compelling and clear narrative.”

Rob McLeese | (Founder) Speech & Debate Canada

“I first met Amy when she spoke at a Youth Conference in 2009, and I was instantly drawn to her. Since then I joined her at Minerva BC as their event photographer. Amy constantly brings her A-game to every project and as a result its impossible to deliver any thing but your best work. If you’re thinking of working with Amy, DO IT, you won’t regret it.”

       Ida Adamowicz | Photographer & Videographer www.wonderfulida.ca